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DomKarin – Cock tease

Miss Karin is here to show off how slutty DomKarin likes to tease her men, and rest easy knowing that from now on you will see some great shows with one stunningly beautiful babe. For today she got herself a nice and submissive male sex slave and she intended to have all the fun that she could with him as you can see. So let’s watch this stunningly beautiful and sexy dominatrix named Karin as she gets to have all the fun that she wants with that guy today. So let’s get started and get her show on the road for today!

As the hot scene starts off, you get to watch the stud getting himself all tied up and bound by this sexy babe. And she then proceeds to tease and play with his body as he now cannot move one bit. Sit back and watch this cutie as she starts to tease his cock with her feet and she even manages to make the dude blow his load for the cameras today. Of course she rode his cock too, but she wanted him all tied up so she could do it the way she wanted to and as hard as she wanted to! If you liked this scene, you can enter the femdomempire website and watch some hot mistresses playing with their slaves!


 Enjoy watching sexy Karin giving that guy a foot job!


Dom Karin teasing with gloves

Welcome back to our site. Dom Karin has started a new and exciting adventure along with her well trained male slave, who loves being at her service. While gorgeous Karin loves to be in control, this guy would do anything to please her, and he loves how Karin dominates and controls him. At the end, both get exactly what they want. Karin gets to satisfy her desire of having someone’s body in her control, and his slave gets to be dominated by one of the most beautiful fetishist and dominatrix.

In this scene Karin looks absolutely astonishing as always, and she is very excited to try out a new device on this guy. She is wearing black leather boots and gloves and she is armed with a whip. Of course, she is going to use it only when the guy asks for it, but as you are going to see, he really likes to be spanked.

She locks his cock into that device and there’s no turning back now. After she puts a leather mask on his face, she is in control over his body. The poor guy is going to get teased and he will beg Karin to jerk his cock, but he has to earn it. Luckily she is pleased and gives him a well deserved handjob, which ends with a huge cum load. Her gloves will get messy and covered in cum, but he is going to lick them clean. If you like this scene, and watch sexy babes rubbing and fingering their wet pussy while wearing leather and latex gloves. You are going to like those scenes.


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BDSM Mistress

Another fresh week and time to check out some more bdsm scenes with everyone’s lovable blonde mistress Karin. As you know, her site is the best place to visit when you want to see some guys put in their place by a very sexy and dominant mature babe that knows what she’s doing. Miss Karin always has a plan for every one of these males and today she’s gotten another new one that’s due to be taught some lessons. Also, in this scene the babe decided to wear a completely coral blue outfit and as you can already tell, it makes her look as incredible as always, just like the chicks from ball gagged videos! So let’s not waste time and check her out in action.

The cameras roll and the blonde lady enters the scene followed by the male which she has conveniently put on a leash so she can lead him around where ever she wants today. Soon they come to a stop and the babe takes off his underwear as she is about to start. Just by orders alone she gets him rock hard, but we think that her very kinky and luscious tone of voice was contributing a lot to that as well. Anyway, you can see the hottie grabbing his cock with her slutty hand and she just starts to stroke it as she talks dirty to him. Watch her jerking him off until he blows his load all over her new clothes and enjoy. We’ll come back soon with more!

bdsm mistress

Check out the hot mistress teasing her slave!

Domination In Heels

Hey there yet again everyone. As always DomKarin has more dom scenes to show off and you get to have prime access to them like always. So check her out in this brand new special scenes as she uses another stud’s cock in her own naughty play session as she teases him. This one right here is quite special yet again as it marks another milestone in this babe’s adult entertainment career. Anyway, be sure that you’ll always get to watch the amazing blonde mistress dominate her sex slaves for a long time from now on as well and it can be found here and only here every week. So let’s get to see this latest scene!

Domination in HeelsBy now, you know precicely what Dom Karin is all about and when the cameras start to roll, you get to see the babe making her entry again. Just like always she has one sexy set of clothes on her and she takes her time to take off each and every piece except her thigh high stockings and high heels before she gets on with the teasing. Then she reveals the guy behind some grates and as he was nicely tied up to them, she could do whatever she wanted with him. So take your time to see her teasing him as she rubs his dick on her pussy in front of the cameras. She loves this guy so much as he’s the most submissive one in her collection and she always likes to toy with him! Check out the site if you wanna see another beauty playing with her man and swallowing big loads of warm and sticky jizz!

Watch the mean mistress tormenting her submissive slave!

DomKarin and Lili

Hey there again everyone, DomKarin is as always back with all new updates to show off. Again she has female company and you have seen this short haired blonde babe in the past. And yes she’s back for more special lessons with the best blonde mistress. Lili has made it her routine to regularly visit Karin and have some fun with her and her male slaves every now and then and rest assured that you will be seeing plenty more of her in the future as well. Anyway, the sexy Dom Karin is going to teach Lili some more naughty tricks this time and of course, you get to see them all only here without any more delay.

The two women have  a dude come in the set as soon as they get undressed as they wanted to show off those naked bodies a bit before anything else. They are really hot, just like the chicks from fucked and bound videos! So after that, the guy takes his place lying on his back and the two ladies make sure to tie him up nice and tight. Karin wants to teach Lili how to tease guys with just her pussy once she has them under control and so she instructs her to take her spot on top of the guy’s crotch. Sit back and enjoy seeing the cute and sexy Lili and she uses that perky wet pussy to grind on the guy’s cock and see her ding this until she makes him shoot his load today. have fun with it and see you soon!


Check out sexy Karin and her friend teasing their slave!

DomKarin Facesitting

Another fresh week and time to see what miss DomKarin was up to this time. As you know, if you are looking to see a sexy blonde woman playing with sub studs then you came to the right place as this simply incredible lady has some superb dom scenes for you to see every week. This time the naughty mistress was going to get some more personal pleasure herself as she got to play with her sex slave too. So this hot scene with Dom Karin actually features that nice pussy of hers getting some much needed action as well. As you know she doesn’t do this too often, but when she does, it’s a treat fro everyone to experience. So let’s get started.


And of course, a sexy attire couldn’t miss from this whole thing either. The mistress as you can see, was wearing a sexy pair of leather boots that went up to her thighs and a pair of long latex gloves. Suffice to say that she was looking smoking hot. Anyway, the guy gets to sit on his back tied to the couch and the babe takes her spot on top of him. More specifically his face as like we said, her pussy was in need of attention for today too. So for this update, you can see the babe playing with the slaves’ big hard cock while he uses his tongue to make sure to please her pussy and have her moan too. We hope you’ll enjoy the view.

Watch here sexy Karin squeezing her slave’s dick!

DomKarin Office Slave

This week DomKarin has more special scenes in store for you to see and enjoy. And this one has a special theme as well. In this scene you get to visit the blonde babe in her office, and rest assured that even there she likes to make use of her sex slaves. The thing is that she gets rather bored every now and then with her work and she must do something else or she’s going to go crazy. So that’s why she keeps one or two of her special guys around her office, so that when she does want to enjoy herself a bit and not get bored she can play with them instead. Let’s get to see such a scene in this amazing and fresh update.

As the cameras start to roll, you can see Dom Karin in quite unusual outfit…Well as far as she is concerned. It is still very sexy and it’s a business suit that makes her look really professional too. She still keeps her bright lipstick and jewelry on though. Anyway, we catch up to her just as she calls the guy in and starts to toy with him. Watch her tease him by caressing him all over and eventually watch her order him to kneel down in front of her. The kinky babe takes off her panties and has the guy worshipping her pussy while she takes her break for the afternoon for the rest of the scene. For similar content you can enter the strap attackers site! Be sure to watch it all and drop by soon for some more new updates.


See mistress Karin playing with her slave!

Old Slave

Today it’s time for more scenes to be brought to you all. The naughty blonde is back like always with more all new stuff to show off and she has another teasing scene to let you see today. This time though, she wanted to play with one of her more…”experienced” male slaves as he’s older and has lots of stamina. She wants to show the others just how much she expects them to last and how obedient they need to become to suit her tastes perfectly. It’s a classy Karin scene with her dominating the guy as much as she wants and teases him and you guys get to see it all only here. So let’s get started without delay.


Well, the mistress comes into the set with the guy tailing her as she pulls him after her. She had this guy specially prepared before hand as she made sure to put him in a nice little chastity belt that would punish his cock getting hard without her command. And with that she starts her teasing properly as she gets to reveal her sexy nude body to everyone by taking off her fur coat. She looks as sexy as always, but this guy respects her every command. For being such a good male toy, she takes off the thing and rewards him with a nice hand job as well. We hope you enjoyed your stay and we’ll see you soon with even more all new and fresh updates. For similar content, enter the site and see other kinky mistresses playing with their men!

Take a look at the hot mistress tormenting her slave!

DomKarin Posing

Time to see DomKarin in some more scenes this afternoon everyone. The simply incredible and sexy blonde has more stuff to show you again and this one is a special one yet again. You normally get to see this lusty blonde play with her man servants or some other babes as she does special training. Well, in this one, you get to see the naughty and hot babe as she gets to put on a private show for a change and play with herself for a bit too. Even she agreed it’s about time to let you enjoy her and only her sexy body on camera. well, let’s get the show started and see more to the point what she ended up doing today.

The sexy babe starts the scene by making her entry and showing off her stunning and sexy lingerie set to you and the cameras. As you can see, it just makes her look sizzling hot and it’s all black and pink. On top of that she was also wearing a garter belt to hold her thigh high stockings and red high heels and all this makes for some impressive imagery with the blonde seductress. Take your time to see her enjoying posing for you on the bed as she sits in all kinds of sensual and sexy positions. You also get to see her take off her cute panties too and show off her sweet pussy to you all. If you wanna see other sexy mistresses posing sexy, enter the chantas bitches blog! Enjoy it and see you next week! Stay tuned!


See mistress Karin showing off her amazing curves!

Foot, Heels and Femdom

Welcome back everyone, we have more of cute and sexy miss DomKarin to show to you this fine day and the blonde babe has a special guest today. As you recall, she had her hands full some time ago training a new sexy mistress to handle men just like she does and that’s the babe that you get to see at play with the blonde for today. The short haired cutie knows by now just how Karin likes to party and you’ll see that straight from the start the two luscious and hot babes put on an incredible show for everyone to see. Let’s take our time to sit back and get the show started as we bet that you guys are eager to see them in action too.

foot & heels & femdom

To be honest, in addition to them playing with each other, they also had a make toy around to play with and have fun and he was in for some special treatment this fine afternoon. Watch him laying on the floor on his back, as the two ladies tease his cock with their sexy feet. And all he gets to do is watch them kiss and caress one another’s superb bodies for the whole thing too. Well, by the end they let him jizz too as they both jerked him off at the same time. Anyway, have fun with the scene today and we will be seeing you soon with more.

See the sexy blondes training their slave into submission!

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