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Lady In Lace

Hey there, DomKarin is at it again and once more you get to see the wild mistress do her thing with her male sex slaves. You’ve seen her do this in the past with another one of her guys and she decided that it was time to treat another one of them to a little dream treatment for the evening. And just like back then, the babe is sporting one of her favorite outfits that just makes her look sizzling hot and sexy. And the guy sure agrees with that as he got rock hard as soon as the babe made her entry and started to show off her amazing curves. Let’s get the show on the road and see Karin in action without any mode delays.

Just like the preivous time, she ties the guy nice and tight to the bed and makes sure to not have him move at all. She is going to be using those expert slutty hands that she has to please his big and hard cock as much as she can for this one. Well after the strapping in was done, the cutie begins her “work” and she begins by fondling his balls while she caresses his cock. Soon though, you get to see her properly jacking him off fast and hard and he only gets to bust his load when she allows him too. And with her that could be a while. Still it was very enjoyable for him and he got to unload by the end too. Have fun with the view and we’ll see you next time!

lady in lace

Enjoy watching the sexy mistress milking her slave’s cock!

Mistress Karin and her slave

Another fresh week and time to check out the all new and all hot DomKarin scene here. The blonde wanted to show of something a bit special for this one as she wants to say thank you to all of her fans, meaning you guys and gals. Well it’s been a while since the site was launched so this was a good a time as any to show of just how nasty she can get with her un-submissive guys. This scene features the blonde babe as she plays with her slave for a nice and long while, punishing the guy for being so so naughty. So let’s not wait any longer and check her out in action as we bet that you guys are eager to see the action in this one too.

Mistress Karin and her slave

As soon as the cameras start to roll, Dom Karin brings the guy in and ties him up nicely to some metal bars. Like we said, he was really naughty and he needed some punishment. And for this one, you will see some attire that the babe shoed off before, namely the spiked gloves that she got. Well she will be putting those to use teasing the guy’s round ass too. Watch the cute mistress tie up the guy’s balls nice and tight and see her poking and prodding his hard cock. She keeps ordering him not to get hard, but you can understand the guy as well, as there’s no way he can do that with a beauty like her right in front of him all nude either.

Watch here the poor slave receiving a rough treatment!

Mistress DomKarin Pleased

Hey there yet again guys and gals. It’s time to see some more DomKarin scenes today and they are all fresh and hot. The blonde mistress has one of her male sex slaves out once again and she intends to use him for today as she was feeling quite a bit horny herself. Well, she was still going to tease him a lot too, but by the end of this, the guy would get to see sweet release as well. Anyway, sit back and relax as you are about to see a bit more of a classy scene with the babe in this gallery. It’s well worth it too, as you can see her taking her time to enjoy that sweet pussy action in it. So let’s get it started without delay.

Once more Karin makes her entry wearing some sexy clothes and the first item you can see is her big fur coat. She loves the feel of it on her almost naked body and after she parades it for a bit, she takes a seat on the side of the bed. With that she opens the coat up and…surprise, she had nothing underneath except her thigh high boots and her high heels. Anyway, around this time the guy comes in as well and he kneels in front of her as she spreads her legs nice and wide. He knows what he has to do and without delay, you can see him starting to lick the babe’s pussy. Enjoy seeing her moan in pleasure loudly at the special treatment and see you next week! Until then, enter the HD Wetting site and see some beautiful babes peeing themselves!

mistress-domkarin-gets-pleasedCheck out this chained slave pleasing his mistress!

DomKarin in Red Boots

Well, here she is again, with more all new DomKarin scenes to show off to you guys this fine afternoon. The blonde babe has some new clothes that she wanted to show off and there was no way that you’d not see her for this one wearing them. The items in question are some mighty fine looking boots and she looks incredible while wearing them too. As always, she has a male helper around to help her out with the thing and rest assured that it’s a treat for him to be here in her presence. Today he’s going to be worshipping the sexy mistress all afternoon long while she plays with him and we know that it’s going to be awesome!

red boots

As soon as the scene starts, you get to see Dom Karin making her entry. And those boots that we told you about? those and her gloves were the single items of clothing on her for this one. So she does also take her time to parade that amazing body of hers for the cameras and you as well and after she teases you, the guy comes in as well. Sit back and watch her making him kneel and start to lick those red boots first. She has the stud worshipping her body all afternoon long and she even lets him have a taste of her eager pussy too later. He enjoyed his time as well, but we’ll have to see what the blonde mistress has in store for the next scene!

See this submissive slave worshiping his sexy mistress!

Skinny Karin Von Kroft

Yet again it’s time to see DomKarin in action once again. The sexy lady has some special sessions of play planned out today for her and this male slut and he is in for a surprise. Every now and then, the blonde babe herself likes to have some time to play around with her slaves but be kind and gentle and make sure they climax while she goes full kinky mode on them. All the guys that she toys with, hope to one day be as lucky as this dude and get this type of “special treatment” and be sure that you get to see it all only here today. Lets watch miss Kroft as she gets to take her time to enjoy herself as the pleases the guy for a change in this scene!

Karin starts off the scene, by showing off one of her newer outfits which also happens to definitely be one of her favorites too. It’s a see through leotard with frilly outlining that’s all black and it grants generous views of her body, especially her simply amazing perky tits. The hot babe has the guy lay on his back in bed all tied up and at first she takes her spot with her pussy right on his face. The guy wasted no time in starting to eat her pussy and while she was also moaning in pleasure, you can see her stroking his rock hard cock as well. It all ends with her making him blow his load at her order just as she strained him by now and as she climaxes herself.

Skinny Karin Von Kroft

See this submissive slave pleasing mistress Karin!

Slave in chastity

Another fresh week and time to check out one more brand new and fresh Karin update as usual. In this one the Mistress herself has some more toys to experiment with and of course she needed some help from one of her male helpers. The guy sure wasn’t knowing what he was in for for this one as the babe picked up a chastity belt and a brand new pair of kinky spiked gloves that she wanted to make use of in this session. Well, one thing is for sure and that is that she loved her new “toys” and she also used them quite a fair bit in this scene today. Let’s get the show on the road and see her getting down and dirty once more.

slave in chastity

As you know, Dom Karin has a kink for teasing her males and the toys that we mentioned previously had their time of use too. She first tied up the guy nice and tight so that he’d have no place to move to while she would get busy. Then put his cock in the belt first and donned her leather gloves with spikes. Oh, and let’s not forget to mention that she was wearing an exquisite fur coat and all she had underneath was just her sexy lingerie. Anyway, take your time to see this gorgeous babe put the guy through some teasing sessions once more this afternoon. We can bet that she will be making full use of the toys too from now on. See you next week!

See mistress Karin teasing the poor guy’s cock!

DomKarin SlaveGirls

This week’s brand new DomKarin features someone that you already know. As you will recall, last week, the superb and sexy mistress had a nice and hot little guest on the show and it’s a blonde babe like her, but the thing is that she needs to train her on how to be a great mistress. So the training regiment with Karin is quite tough as you know and you have seen. This time it’s time to see the second part of the whole thing and rest assured that it’s every bit as hot and kinky as the past scene with the short haired blonde. We know you’re eager so let’s get this new Karin show on the road and see more of our two beauties playing together.

Last time it was Karin that got all the attention and this babe had to cater to every need that the blonde mistress had. Well for today, the roles are reversed as miss Karin takes her time to play with this babe’s body and please her in the end too. You can see the mistress undressing her female lover slowly as she gently caresses her sexy curves. She even goes down on the new babe and makes her moan with the oral pleasing, just like in cummingmatures videos! After that, Karin pulls out and puts on her favorite black strap on dildo and she fully intended to use that on this babe’s pussy. So watch her getting around to fuck the babe’s pussy nice and deep with one of her favorite sex toys. Bye bye!


Take a look at mistress Karin fucking her sexy slave!

DomKarin Slut Training

Today, DomKarin has a special scene to show you. This one being different in the fact that it’s all about another babe, rather then the male sluts that your favorite blonde mistress has laying around. It’s still one hell of a show with this simply amazing blonde woman showing off why she has Dom in front of her name at all times. The babe she gets to play with this afternoon is also a cute and sexy blonde as well but she just loves the idea of getting dominated by Karin here. So let’s get their naughty show on the road and see the two women in action without delay in this simply incredible scene shall we everyone?


The slutty blonde guest star that guest to join Dom Karin this afternoon will have her first ever hands on training from the mistress on how to treat male sex slaves herself. And with that, be sure that she will make appearances in future updates as well. The thing is, that Karin needs some aid with her ever growing collection of guys around the place and this short haired cutie was just perfect. Watch her getting bossed around by Karin and teased by her expert hands and you can even watch her eating out the mistresses’ sweet wet pussy too. So have your fun with it and we’ll be seeing you next week with many more scenes and new updates. Until then, enter the modelstied site and see some sexy models getting tied up! Bye bye for now!

Enjoy watching the sexy mistress getting her pussy eaten!

The New Slave

Hey there once more everyone, Karin is back again with more superb scenes. We know how much you love seeing this simply incredible blonde mistress at work and in this new scene, it seems that she got her hands on an all new stud to play around with too. The new slave is quite the stud packing a nice and big cock and be sure that this mistress will enjoy taking her time to train this new pup of hers tremendously. By the end of it all, he’s going to be eating out of the palm of her hand. Actually we’re pretty sure Dom Karin will have him eating something wet and eager soon, but anyway, let’s just get it on and see the action go down.

The babe was sporting another new set of clothes for this one and they were incredibly hot too. We’re sure you’ll enjoy the sight as well as the blonde lady shows up first and she was wearing nothing but her thigh high leather boots and her long sleeved leather gloves. Well the guy thought she was looking quite hot as well as he got all nice and hard just at this wonderful sight of the nude and kinky babe. Tied up as he was, he needs to be a good little man slave and wait for the babe to play with him. Watch her stroking that huge cock of his and see him cone only when the mistress allows him to in the end. We hope you enjoyed it.

the new slave

See sexy mistress Karin milking her new slave!

DomKarin’s Two Male Slaves

DomKarin is back today again with more new updates. Today the simply incredible blonde has no less than two guys to play with and just like always, you get to see her in action as she gets to play with them without delay. She wanted to show off that she could handle two of her male sex slaves at once without any problems and it sure made her enjoy herself teasing these two guys to no end this fine day today. Of course, you get to see it all as well and it’s one nice and superb BDSM scene put on by Karin herself. So let’s get to it without delay and see the two guys and their cocks teased quite a lot this afternoon by the babe.

two males slave

The scene starts off with Dom Karin showing off first. She has this simply superb and hot, sexy lingerie set that she is wearing and she is proud of it too. She should be, as it just makes her look incredible and we’re sure that she’s made even your imagination go wild. Anyway, the two guys come into the scene after that and as the chick takes a seat on the bench the two men flank her from both sides. See her putting those expert hands to work and watch as the luscious blonde strokes those meat poles nice and hard to the delight of the guys. We will be back soon with some more all new and all fresh updates everyone. See you then!

Take a look at the sexy mistress teasing her slaves!

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