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Dom Karin teasing with gloves

Welcome back to our site. Dom Karin has started a new and exciting adventure along with her well trained male slave, who loves being at her service. While gorgeous Karin loves to be in control, this guy would do anything to please her, and he loves how Karin dominates and controls him. At the end, both get exactly what they want. Karin gets to satisfy her desire of having someone’s body in her control, and his slave gets to be dominated by one of the most beautiful fetishist and dominatrix.

In this scene Karin looks absolutely astonishing as always, and she is very excited to try out a new device on this guy. She is wearing black leather boots and gloves and she is armed with a whip. Of course, she is going to use it only when the guy asks for it, but as you are going to see, he really likes to be spanked.

She locks his cock into that device and there’s no turning back now. After she puts a leather mask on his face, she is in control over his body. The poor guy is going to get teased and he will beg Karin to jerk his cock, but he has to earn it. Luckily she is pleased and gives him a well deserved handjob, which ends with a huge cum load. Her gloves will get messy and covered in cum, but he is going to lick them clean. If you like this scene, and watch sexy babes rubbing and fingering their wet pussy while wearing leather and latex gloves. You are going to like those scenes.


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