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DomKarin Office Slave

This week DomKarin has more special scenes in store for you to see and enjoy. And this one has a special theme as well. In this scene you get to visit the blonde babe in her office, and rest assured that even there she likes to make use of her sex slaves. The thing is that she gets rather bored every now and then with her work and she must do something else or she’s going to go crazy. So that’s why she keeps one or two of her special guys around her office, so that when she does want to enjoy herself a bit and not get bored she can play with them instead. Let’s get to see such a scene in this amazing and fresh update.

As the cameras start to roll, you can see Dom Karin in quite unusual outfit…Well as far as she is concerned. It is still very sexy and it’s a business suit that makes her look really professional too. She still keeps her bright lipstick and jewelry on though. Anyway, we catch up to her just as she calls the guy in and starts to toy with him. Watch her tease him by caressing him all over and eventually watch her order him to kneel down in front of her. The kinky babe takes off her panties and has the guy worshipping her pussy while she takes her break for the afternoon for the rest of the scene. For similar content you can enter the strap attackers site! Be sure to watch it all and drop by soon for some more new updates.


See mistress Karin playing with her slave!