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Old Slave

Today it’s time for more scenes to be brought to you all. The naughty blonde is back like always with more all new stuff to show off and she has another teasing scene to let you see today. This time though, she wanted to play with one of her more…”experienced” male slaves as he’s older and has lots of stamina. She wants to show the others just how much she expects them to last and how obedient they need to become to suit her tastes perfectly. It’s a classy Karin scene with her dominating the guy as much as she wants and teases him and you guys get to see it all only here. So let’s get started without delay.


Well, the mistress comes into the set with the guy tailing her as she pulls him after her. She had this guy specially prepared before hand as she made sure to put him in a nice little chastity belt that would punish his cock getting hard without her command. And with that she starts her teasing properly as she gets to reveal her sexy nude body to everyone by taking off her fur coat. She looks as sexy as always, but this guy respects her every command. For being such a good male toy, she takes off the thing and rewards him with a nice hand job as well. We hope you enjoyed your stay and we’ll see you soon with even more all new and fresh updates. For similar content, enter the site and see other kinky mistresses playing with their men!

Take a look at the hot mistress tormenting her slave!