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The New Slave

Hey there once more everyone, Karin is back again with more superb scenes. We know how much you love seeing this simply incredible blonde mistress at work and in this new scene, it seems that she got her hands on an all new stud to play around with too. The new slave is quite the stud packing a nice and big cock and be sure that this mistress will enjoy taking her time to train this new pup of hers tremendously. By the end of it all, he’s going to be eating out of the palm of her hand. Actually we’re pretty sure Dom Karin will have him eating something wet and eager soon, but anyway, let’s just get it on and see the action go down.

The babe was sporting another new set of clothes for this one and they were incredibly hot too. We’re sure you’ll enjoy the sight as well as the blonde lady shows up first and she was wearing nothing but her thigh high leather boots and her long sleeved leather gloves. Well the guy thought she was looking quite hot as well as he got all nice and hard just at this wonderful sight of the nude and kinky babe. Tied up as he was, he needs to be a good little man slave and wait for the babe to play with him. Watch her stroking that huge cock of his and see him cone only when the mistress allows him to in the end. We hope you enjoyed it.

the new slave

See sexy mistress Karin milking her new slave!